Dyslexic Operations Tech

Our solution of software helps people with dyslexia have an easier time dealing with the effects of it through software solutions on their phone and computer.

Our Services

Chrome Extension

Our chrome extension helps people with dyslexia to be able to browse and read text on the internet with ease.

Font Changer

Our font changer feature inside our app allows people to read text easier by making the text appear in a dyslexic-friendly font.

Line Adder

Our line adder feature inside the app allows people to be able to read text easier by having lines appear under the text.

Dyslexic Learning

The dyslexic learning section inside our app allows the user to use tools to learn how to more easily read text.

Word Reader and Reciter

Our word reading and reciting feature found inside our app allows phones to say words that are visible to the camera.

Notes and Writing

The notes and writing section of our app allows users to easily remember important information through lists and notes.


Who We Are

We are Dyslexic Operations Tech, an organization that uses cutting-edge technology to help people with Dyslexia read text in an easier and more seamless way.